Nassif Zeytoun - Sawt Rbaba [Official Music Video] / ناصيف زيتون - صوت ربابة

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Music video by Nassif Zeytoun performing Sawt Rbaba video clip

Digital Distibution @WATARY

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Lyrics | كلمات
صوت ربابة يبكّيني
هونَك يا ابو الرّبابة
وعنينها يذكر بعنيني
يوم الفارَقت حبابها

والله سلَبتها لروحي
والله زوّدت جروحي
مثل الطير المذبوحِ
اللي بيُرقُص مِن عَذابها

شَكلَك مِثلي يا ابو رباب
بِزَمانَك فارَقت حباب
اكثَر منّي ذِقت عذاب
هيك عَم تِحكي الرّبابة

With millions of fans around the world, record-setting releases on digital platforms, sold-out concerts at the most prestigious venues... Nassif Zeytoun is one of the reigning names on the Arab World Pop music scene! As a believer and achiever, Nassif Zeytoun won Star Academy Arabia in 2010. In 2011, he participated in a World Peace concert with Quincy Jones and RedOne. After signing a 360 with Music Is My Life in 2013, his debut album "Ya Samt" was released produced by Watary, the first Arabic album to exceed a hundred million views on YouTube. The success of his 2nd album "Toul Al Yom" in 2016 led Nassif to win several awards. In 2017, Nassif’s ticket sales topped the quarter-million mark. From March 21, 2019, till 2020, Nassif started to release the one by one hit of his third album with outstanding digital results. Zeytoun was also selected for Carthage International Festival in August 2019 for two consecutive sold-out concerts.

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