Rahma Riad - Bosa [Official Music Video] (2014) / رحمة رياض - بوسه

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Rahma Riad - Bosa [Official Music Video] (2014) / رحمة رياض - بوسه

Lyrics By: Turki Al Sharif
Composed By: Fayez El Saiid
Arranged By: Houssam Kamel
Digital Distribution @WATARY

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Lyrics | كلمات

خذها على الريق
بوسـة حب صبّاحي
مشتآق وما اطيق
بعدك دبّل جراحي
كلمني يا ذوق
صبحني بالشوق
وان كنت زعلان
أرضيك بس روق

الوقت ما ابيه
الا وانت قدامي
تقسى علي ليه؟
كافي قسوة أيامي
يا شمسي والضو
بك عمري يحلو
لو ما انت وياي
يتعكر الجو

سامح يا طيوب
سامح دام تهواني
صدقني أتوب
أتوب أزعلك ثاني
مهمومة من أمس
قلبك ولا حس
مشتاق لي قول
بسك ثقل بس

With the encouragement of her father, the Iraqi legend Riad Ahmed, Rahma insisted on pursuing her dream and became a household name in the Arab World. After Star Academy 2010, Rahma has signed with "Music Is My Life" and "Watary Production" in 2013 where a 360 plan was set. In 2014 she earned a Murex d’Or award for Best Arab Female Rising Star. After the release of Bosa, Anoudi, Weinak and Khof Alay, by 2018, her mega hit “Waed Menni'' crossed 160 million of views on YouTube. This success was followed by another Mega Hit "Mako Menni ' in early 2020 and her YouTube channel surpassed 1 million subscribers. This was a turning point in Rahma's music career and she became the top female star in Iraq and GCC. She was selected as the face of Spotify's huge campaign in KSA, for the opening of YouTube music in UAE and now as the main judge of Iraq Idol on MBC. Rahma just launched "Athadakom" in early 2021 and challenged her audience.

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