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Stolen Good - Snowboarding to the limit seems to be what three thrill seekers share, what keeps them together. But when everything and everyone gives up on them, they see that friendship is their bond. Watch Movies In Full Length And For Free Online, Snowboard Action, Drama Film, Sports Movie, Entire Film, Full Flick, English. Stolen Good (2002): Directors: Russ Jaquith, Natasha Sarris (co-director) Writers: Russ Jaquith, Natasha Sarris Stars: Jason Wordal, Russ Jaquith, Kirk Warner Runtime: 1h 40min Genres: Action, Drama Country: USA Language: English Release Date: 31 October 2002 (USA) Filming Locations: Amherst, New Hampshire, USA Storyline: "Snowboarding to the limit seems to be what three thrill seekers share, what keeps them together. But when everything and everyone gives up on them, they see that friendship is their bond. Each year longtime friends from Cape Cod, Jeff Ryker, Jake O'Connor and Sean Pierce meet in Tahoe for spring break. Sean invites his friends to live with him next season. He is taking time off from school to jumpstart his career as a pro rider. Jake and Ryker discourage him from leaving. But when he offers to make a snowboarding video of himself and Jake, and offers free living to Ryker, they're down with the plan. Jeff Ryker refuses to get a steady job. When out west, and low on cash, he steals luxury cars. He freeloads off his friends and knows how to scam almost everything for free. Despite his enormous talent at snowboarding, he quit the corporate sponsor game years ago, and now free rides. Ryker is always on a mission, an adventure: his own. That summer Ryker fails again to get his hometown girl in bed and again leaves for the west coast without notice. Again leaving Shawna untied and confused. For Jake O'Connor everything is perfect. He's got the glamorous career with paying sponsors, is the envy of Sean, and now has the girl. But that's about to change. In a moment, everything could be lost after Jake folds under industry pressure deep in the backcountry. Sean "the rookie" brashly moves ahead, trying to get the life that Jake has. He ignores his friends' advice to stay in school and defies his parents. He knows what he wants and is determined to get it. He puts it all on the line to make it big." Written By Russ Jaquith. Review: "I happened to attend the premier of this movie in New Hampshire (USA). There are a few moments with "quiet" audio, and one or two darkly exposed segments. Other than that, the film story is compelling and honest, and shows the good and bad sides of snowboarding. What is interesting, too, is the underlying story of how the snowboarding industry can, at times, chew young kids up and spit them out. The soundtrack is good, and much of the snowboarding riding is simply breathtaking (they must have used a helicopter in parts). I haven't seen snowboard footage like this in any other film. Better than the Hollywood big production cheesy "snow films" (remember "Hot Dog", anyone? 8-) this film shows a truer side of snowboarding and the lives of the riders who are living it. Why a 10? Well, for one, given the very limited budget (I can't remember what the director said exactly, but it was definitely under $500,000 (!)) it's probably the best film I've seen for so cheap. Secondly, the first reviewer seemed a bit harsh -- claiming "worst film ever" but hadn't even bothered to watch it all. Thus, I think some "karmic equalization" is in order. If you want to see some great snowboarding, a Little Indie Film That Could, and get a direct view of the "secret lives of snowboarders", then I think you'll enjoy this film!" Written By tracey_pooh. #freemovies #moviesonline #watchfree 

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